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for District Six
Republican State
Central Committee
It’s a vote for
The Constitution!


Montgomery County Ohio - SD 6

Hi!  I’m Christy Jones and I’m working hard to become your representative in the March 2016 Ohio Primary for Republican State Central Committee in State Senate District 6, Montgomery County, Ohio.

It’s important that we increase the voice of regular citizens like us inside our Republican party in order to elect the best possible people to state-wide offices.  We need people who represent us.

The current State Central Committee is controlled by insiders who are serving the status quo central power brokers in Columbus. I pledge to serve the conservative base in Montgomery County and the State of Ohio.

We must elect representatives who reflect these values:
1. They must be honest.
2. They must be capable.
3. They must be faithful to the Constitution!

We must elect people who will stand up and speak out for liberty, protect individual rights, and work tirelessly to help restore our country to its core values and principles on which our Great Constitution is founded!

As an elected state central committee member, it will be my job to help select and support the candidates that run under the name of our party -- you see, the state central committee decides who WE get to vote for in all sorts of political races, such as that of the governor’s office!  It’s a very important position and one that requires a true representative of the people.  State central committee members should be putting candidates up for election whom THE PEOPLE want to vote for. . .and not rubber stamping powerful “shoo-in” candidates.

The founders of our country said the people must remain vigilant in order to protect and preserve liberty.

I will work for you, the people, to support the best possible candidates and decisions that will protect property rights, spends the least amount of taxpayer dollars, that keeps government lean, and guards against abuses of our Constitution and the Laws of Nature and Nature's God.

I will fight hard to support legislators committed to throwing Common Core out of the state of Ohio and return control of schools to the local stakeholders...students, parents, taxpayers and teachers.

I am Pro-Life.
I believe in local control of public education.
I defend individual and personal property rights.
I want balanced and zero base budgets for all government and taxpayer supported entities.
I want lower property taxes.
We need to protect free enterprise.
Let’s have a fair national tax.
I want a smaller, more efficient, hands-off government.


Ohio Republican PAC:
”You have our endorsement.”

Ohio Citizens PAC:
“We are pleased to inform you that the Ohio Citizens PAC is endorsing you in your race for Republican State Central Committee District 6. The Ohio Citizens PAC is dedicated to ensuring the election of conservative, liberty minded “Citizen Representatives” to public and party offices in Ohio.”

Ricki Pepin, Institute on the Constitution Instructor and Board Member:
“I heartily endorse Christy Jones for this important position. Your Patriotism is second only to your understanding of the true role of government – protecting citizens and their rights.”

Jim Horton current State Central Committee Member Senate District 1:
I endorse Christy Jones For SCC Dist 6. Unlike some others, Christy has nothing to gain except the opportunity to pay back our Country and the State of Ohio by serving you. This true conservative is willing to give of her time and money for the good of the country and is deserving of your vote. Today's State Central Committee is controlled by a select few who are serving the central power in Columbus not the conservative base in Ohio. Please vote for those who will represent you.”

Other endorsements:
Citizens for  Community Values Action PAC
Montgomery County Republican PAC
NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
Don Birdsall, Candidate for Montgomery County  Commissioner
Marlene Johnson, County Central Committee Member


Who can Vote for Me?

If you live in any of these areas of Montgomery County Ohio you are eligible to vote for me in the 6th District for State Central Committee: Clay Township, Phillipsburg, Clayton, Union, Englewood, Butler Township, Vandalia, Huber Heights, Riverside, Oakwood, Kettering, Centerville, Washington Township, Springboro, German Township, Germantown, Miamisburg, West Carrollton and Moraine.

Thank you for your vote on March 15, 2016 and thank you for your interest in my campaign.

Christy Jones

Butler Township
Vandalia, OH 45377

If you have questions or would like to contact me, feel free to do so at the email above.

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